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On March 16, U.S. time, U.S. President Joe Biden, in a change from the practice of most U.S. presidents over the past 75 years, which is to avoid "personalizing" the conflict to the number one nuclear weapon opponent in times of crisis, officially declared to reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "war criminal," the most serious accusation issued by U.S. officials in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

But is it serious to call him a war criminal? Put it this way, the charge is as serious as piracy and genocide," said David Crane, who served as chief prosecutor of the United Nations Special Court for the Lion Rock Republic. Biden used the term in a political sense.

The term "war criminal" refers to a person who violates the laws of armed conflict during war, including military operations that violate international law and personal crimes committed in the process, such as planning or launching an aggressive war, killing or abusing prisoners of war, or genocide.

So what is the definition of war crimes? The modern concept of war crimes was further developed under the auspices of the Nuremberg trials, as the war crimes trials of the Axis leaders after World War II established the legal principles of the Nuremberg trials, and the definition in the London Charter, published on August 8, 1945. In addition to war crimes, the Charter also defines crimes against peace and humanity, usually committed during war and concurrent with war crimes.

Since there are so many examples of war criminals in the world, here is a list of some of the most famous war criminals who have escaped.

The first is Paul Tuvier, nicknamed the "executioner of Lyon", who was the only Frenchman to be charged with war crimes. In January 1944, he became the second regional officer in charge of the Chambéry district.

On June 28, 1944, 15 members of the French Resistance assassinated Philippe Henriot, the Vichy French Minister of Propaganda, in Paris, and Twitchell was ordered to carry out a revenge killing on suspicion that the assassins were from Lyon. ........

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