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I believe that many friends woke up in the morning of March 17, a look at the headlines should be Japan's northeast 16 at 11:30 p.m. deep 7.4 magnitude earthquake, not only the northeast Shinkansen 17 cars among 16 cars derailment accident, car and track damage caused by the end of March is impossible to open to traffic, in addition to many buildings damaged, collapsed, more than 2.09 million households in the Kanto region without electricity, but also caused three deaths, more than two hundred In addition, many buildings were damaged and collapsed, and more than 2.09 million households in the Kanto region were without power. Again, I hope that our friends in Japan will be able to survive this disaster.

Of course, all of this is heartbreaking, but Kenshin noticed a news story about the horse statue of Date Masamune in the Sendai Castle ruins, a tourist attraction in the northeast, which was damaged by the earthquake, causing the statue to tilt to the right. This is the first time that damage has been found since the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck Miyagi Prefecture as a symbolic attraction. This time, we will tell the story of the one-eyed dragon Masamune, but if it is boring to talk about the history of war, let's tell the story of a gourmet.

When it comes to Sendai cuisine, it reminds people of the beef tongue that Goro-san, a lone gourmet, ate during his business trip to Sendai.

He was a famous gourmet among the Japanese warring states daimyo. At that time, there was not enough farming, so the biggest problem was the ration of soldiers, but this was the first factor that affected the soldiers' fighting ability.

In order to solve this problem, he built a facility in Sendai Castle specifically for the research and development of miso, which is said to be the first large-scale miso manufacturing plant in Japan. The product is the famous Japanese red miso today, which is characterized by its reddish-brown color, long fermentation time, high salt content, and strong and pungent taste, and can be eaten directly.........

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